Upcoming Snug Harbor Events

Revel in the lush beauty of Spring at Snug Harbor Cultural Center and Botanical Gardens by taking a class, strolling through the craft and farmers markets, or walking the impeccable landscapes and gardens. Filled with the possibility for family fun, these stunning grounds are also home to Celebrate Snug Harbor!

Balancing Yin & Yang: The Place of Chinese Philosophy in Garden Construction

What are the principles behind traditional Chinese garden design? Why do the ponds possess such a distinct jade hue? Do the bat-shaped door fittings hold secret meanings and messages? In this talk, we’ll explore how the classic Chinese worldview and ancient wisdom of yin and yang, The Book of Changes and the Dao De Jing, are embodied and brought to life within the garden walls.



Plant Sale: Snug Members Only

Make your garden the envy of the block by procuring hard-to-find annuals and hardy perennials at the Plant Sale. Snug Harbor horticulturalists will be available to help with plant selections, offer professional advice, and answer questions about the myriad of herbaceous peonies, iris species, cultivars and many other outdoor-suited flowering plants for sale. The NYC Compost Project will also be onsite to give away 15-pound bags of compost, while supplies last. All Plant Sale purchases will help fund Snug Harbor’s horticulture program and maintenance of the beautiful botanical garden. This event is rain or shine.



Orchid Show & Sale:

Each year Staten Island’s Orchid Society offers the Orchid Show & Sale, featuring a wide selection of in-flower orchids for sale, expert advice and takeaway fact sheets for ensuring robust orchid growth at home. This year’s Orchid Show and Sale also offers members of the S.I.O.S and Deep Cut Orchid Society the option to create beautiful displays with their own blooming orchids. Bring friends, family and anyone interested in learning more about these lovely flowers, everyone is welcome! Remember, Mother’s Day is just a week after the sale.


Jane’s Walk: Snug Harbor Heritage Farm Tour

Take a behind-the-scenes peek at Snug Harbor’s Heritage Farm, a better-than-organic 2.5 acre sustainable urban farm, now in its eighth growing season. This expedition, brought to us care of the Jane’s Walk series in partnership with the Municipal Art Society, will explore our seeding area, learn about crop planning and discover our methods for nourishing the soil to ensure the best produce possible. This event is rain or shine.


Spring Flowers Walk:

Visit Snug Harbor at its most beautiful! Take a walk through the Perennial, White, and Pond gardens, led by Snug Harbor’s Director of Horticulture, Greg Lord, and professional horticulturalist, Wambui Ippolito. Explorers will enjoy the flowering bulbs while learning about their origins and significance. This event is rain or shine.


Tuscan Garden Party

Attend to a Tuscan-style garden party, to take place in the Tuscan Garden and Lemon House at Snug Harbor, hosted by Christina Mantz of Christina’s Day Trips. A light Italian repast, complete with refreshing beverages, will be served amid a backdrop of fun, party favors and raffles. All proceeds will support Snug Harbor’s botanical gardens and horticulture department. This event is rain or shine.



For more fun at Snug Harbor, check out their monthly calendar!


Outdoor Wedding Decor

Spring time is a wonderful time to get married outside and delight in the spirit of new beginnings.  At Celebrate at Snug Harbor, lush grounds and manicured gardens create endless opportunities for entertaining alfresco.

Wedding Arch

Tuscan Garden Cermony 1

Photo credit: Lato Photography

A great way to bring out the romantic feel of the Tuscan Garden at Snug Harbor is to accentuate the natural greenery. This couple chose bamboo-style chairs and bright white flowers to highlight the wedding aisle.

Wedding Signage


Photo credit: Olli Studio

We love fun wedding signage! At the entrance to the ceremony, this couple placed subtle flowers in an elevated planter with their calligraphy signage leaning against it.

Unique to Venue Decor


Photo credit: Eryc Perez de Tagle


Photo credit:  Olya Vysotskaya

Celebrate at Snug Harbor is home to a variety of world class gardens and botanical settings. An authentic Tuscan, Chinese Scholar Garden, White Rose Garden and Garden Maze can be found on the grounds.

The first image highlights ivory growing up and around the charming brick exterior, while the second photo has an abundance of colorful wild flowers surrounding the bride and groom.

Celebrate at Snug Harbor is the perfect setting for beautiful outdoor events.

Couples Tribute: Caroline Polachek & Ian Drennan Wedding

Take a glimpse into the wedding day of Chairlift lead singer Caroline Polachek and Ian Drennan, featured in VOGUE Magazine https://goo.gl/28iy6R

Focused on keeping their ceremony and wedding simple and elegant, Vogue Magazine goes into the intimate details of the couple’s big day. Here’s what we loved about their wedding!

The Attention to Detail:

According to Vogue Magazine, Caroline wanted her wedding band to look similar to the band that has been in Ian’s family for years, worn by several family members. Each band has the statement, “I love our world” in it, which makes it even more special. To add, the lead singer goes on to tell Vogue that their florist was able to create a centerpiece created in segments, so that everyone could have a piece of it to take with them. So thoughtful! But what we consider to be the most precious touch of the Polachek-Drennan wedding, was that the two were married by Caroline’s opera teacher, whom she tells Vogue Magazine, later became her mentor.

Chairlift Personal Tuch collage
Photos by: Noah Rabinowitz

The Space:

While all of these personal touches are priceless, they are enhanced even more by the space in which Caroline and Ian chose to marry. Both fans of Chinese architecture, Caroline tells Vogue Magazine, “We loved that people could spread out and wander the paths, meeting each other in motion and sitting down together along the built-in seats instead of being closed in one area together. The circular doorways, central koi pond, and looming stones had an otherworldly tone that made everyone feel very much farther from the city than we were, and because the paths are mostly covered, we could be surrounded by nature regardless of the weather.” With the Chinese Scholar Garden’s beautiful pavilions, handcrafted walkways, and stunning architectural elements, what’s not to love?

Chinese garden
Photos by: Noah Rabinowitz
Chinese Wheel
Photos by Noah Rabinowitz
The space tented pavilion
Photos by: Noah Rabinowitz


This lovely wedding is a great reminder to all brides out there that is is so important to visit the space you wish to get married in as soon as possible. You want to be able to go through the motions of the day and be content with the flow of the ceremony to the reception, as well as determine how you’ll wish to incorporate yours and your spouse’s personal touches so that you’re as happy as Caroline and Ian!

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