Couples Tribute: Diana + Shaun

Bride and Groom .jpgDiana and Shaun’s chic garden wedding at Celebrate Snug Harbor was an ethereal dream brought to life! The couple embraced the venue’s rustic surroundings, adding only minimal decorations, all of which were elegantly captured by Miho Grant Photography.

CEREMONY_11Diana’s sister first suggested Snug Harbor as a unique location for the lovebirds to host their union.  After doing some research online, Diana and Shaun made an appointment to visit and fell in love instantly with the Tuscan Garden. When they saw the stunning, high ceilings and windows of the Great Hall they knew they had found their perfect venue.

FAMILYFORMATS_42Before the ceremony, Diana and Shaun had a private “first look” session, an opportunity to unveil their wedding day couture to one another.

Miho Grant Photography unobtrusively recorded these incredibly sweet, adoring first glances of the betrothed.

FIRSTLOOK_44The impeccably curated details chosen by the Bride and Groom were intertwined with the lovely arrangements of soft pink, green and creamy ivory hues fashioned by florist Sam Gregorio, to stitch a ceremony full of warmth and love.

CEREMONY_73Diana floated down the aisle to “Pure Imagination” from Willie Wonka, enhancing the transcendent tone.

“Married Life” the recessional song from the movie Up, was a fitting ending to the beautiful words spoken during the ceremony.


FAMILYFORMATS_95.jpgIt was finally time for an evening of celebration, filled with close friends and family, sumptuous food and live music by Skyline Drive Orchestra.

UGH RECEPTION_12.jpgRather than choose a specific theme for their reception, Diana and Shaun focused on weaving an intimate atmosphere in the Upper Great Hall, filling it with exceptional details that truly made their family and friends feel special.

The tables were memorably set with place cards comprised of photos of Diana and Shaun with each of their guests. Everyone was able to take home a frame with their photo.


Diana and Shaun also decided to have charity donation favors. Each guest received a token to place in a box for one of the four charities chosen by the bridal party. After the wedding, donations to the charities were made based on the number of tokens in each box.


The festivities continued all night with a packed dance floor, with Diana and Shaun at the center having a blast amidst a sea of joyous faces.



Though Diana and Shaun did not have a wedding planner, they created a most romantic, personal and memorable wedding day with the help of the entire Celebrate Team.

bride and groom CSG.jpg“They held our hands throughout the process, made us feel so comfortable, were endlessly patient with us and our parents, and made wedding planning FUN.  They are some of our favorite people ever, and there is no way that our day would have been the same without them.”

FAMILYFORMATS_127When asked what advice they would like to share with other couples planning their big day Diana and Shaun stated:

“Take a few minutes during the day with your new spouse.  Be alone.  Take it in.  Feel giddy. It’s so special to have that time away from everyone else.”

FAMILYFORMATS_129.jpgWe are so lucky to have delightful couples like Diana and Shaun to work with at Celebrate Snug Harbor. A huge thanks to Miho Grant Photography for sharing these gorgeous photos with us.


Band: Skyline Drive Orchestra

Cake: Bruno’s Bakery

Flowers: Sam Gregorio’s Florist

Photographer: Miho Grant Photography

Videographer: Live Picture Studios






Couples Tribute: Gerrianna + Jason


GJ121518-S0569-SAM04008Once upon a time in New York City, a Harry Potter devote met a Game of Thrones devote and an epic love story began.  Gerrianna and Jason set a date of December 15th, 2018 and the search for the perfect wedding venue began.

As devoted Harry Potter and Game of Thrones fans Gerrianna and Jason wanted a wedding venue that looked and felt as close to a castle as possible. They selected Snug Harbor because the Great Hal” was the space of their “dreams”.

GJ121518-M1232-BW300545Gerrianna and Jason knew as soon as they walked in, that “this was it.”  Everything about The Great Hall spoke to them; the wood finishes, vaulted ceiling and stone floors created the perfect backdrop for their sci-fi/fairytale wedding.

Gerrianna and Jason were married at the Unitarian Church of Staten Island which they said was a gem of a find and is less than a one-minute walk from Celebrate at Snug Harbor.

GJ121518-M1195-BW300443The reverend Emily DeTar Birt, was very accommodating of their nontraditional ceremony requests. Everything from their vows to their readings were composed of Disney, Harry Potter, and Game of Thrones quotes.  As they left the church, the bridal party waved the happy couple off using wands, a playful nod to Harry Potter.

GJ121518-M1209-BW300484The wedding’s creative DIY elements were a joint effort between Gerrianna, Jason, family members and friends, along with the Snug Harbor team.  Gerrianna created the day of plan to resemble the “Daily Prophet” from Harry Potter. The “Profit” featured a crossword with fun facts about Jason and Gerrianna, pictures, a vendor list, and everything their wedding guests would need to be “in-the- know” about for the celebration.

GJ121518-S0639-SAM04199Gerrianna’s bouquet was breathtaking. Her grandmother passed away when she was in her teens and she inherited her Grandmothers brooches.  To honor her Grandmothers memory, Gerrianna handmade her bouquet using the beloved broaches.

The bridesmaid’s bouquets were handmade entirely out of paper.  Each bridesmaid picked a book they loved and Gerrianna designed the accent flowers to have quotes from their favorite books.

The boutonnières for the groomsmen were also made from paper. They had a marvel theme and the Jason’s had a Game of Thrones House stark theme.

GJ121518-S0011-850_9076The evening continued with a dinner reception in The Upper Great Hall. GJ121518-M1549-BW300686The over sized windows, barrel ceiling and historic charm of the space was a great compliment to their wedding reception.

GJ121518-S0811-SAM04625The reception was filled with Game of Thrones and Harry Potter touches enhancing the natural charm of the venue.

The tabletop decor was a low, linear design of simple fresh greenery spanning the entire length of the table accented by lanterns.  They achieved the exact “feast” look they wanted and purchased many of the elements themselves at Hobby Lobby.

Gerrianna being very talented herself wrote and recorded the songs she danced to with Jason for her first dance and for her parents dance with her mom and dad.

She wanted it to be personal and something that matched the relationships with these amazing people in her life. Tina Kenny helped orchestrate the songs Gerrianna wrote and brought them to life.

No Game of Thrones wedding would be complete without a themed cake such as this fantastic design from Palermo’s Bakery.

GJ121518-SP0035-BW3_2041The bakers at Palermo’s were super excited to be a part of the creative process and results tasted as good as they looked.

Jason collects vinyl pop figures and these figures became the inspiration for the cake topper.  Gerrianna hand painted the toppers to match their outfits and added accessories the themed accessories to match.

GJ121518-S1249-SAM05237Dash of Class kept the dance floor packed all night. They even accommodated Gerrianna and Jason’s wish to have Game of Thrones and Harry Potter music played during dinner.

GJ121518-S1039-SAM05064As a surprise for their families and guests Mr. Met made an appearance at their wedding.


He came and spent an hour dancing and they said it was a dream come true since they are big Met’s fans.  It didn’t quite match their GOH/Harry Potter theme, but they didn’t care because it was indeed Mr. Met!

GJ121518-S1205-850_9964Gerrianna and Jason gifted each guest with wedding Legos and wrapped them to look like Harry Potter packages. These were super adorable and affordable.

GJ121518-SP0016-BW105025Every detail of Gerrianna and Jason’s wedding was exceptionally and thoughtfully crafted by the couple and their vision for GOT/Harry Potter wedding came true.

GJ121518-S0830-SAM04691When asked what advice they would like to share with other couples planning their big day Gerrianna and Jason stated:

“Never hold back on your vision, especially if it’s outside the box. Vendors love creativity and when you give them the chance to dream along with you the possibilities are endless”

GJ121518-SP0036-BW3_2069-EditThank you, Gerrianna and Jason, for inviting us to share these spectacular wedding moments, and Studio 27 for these gorgeous photographs.


Wedding Vendor Team

Bride’s Dress, Bridesmaids and the flower girl dress – Always a Bridesmaid

Cake – Palermo’s Bakery:

DJ- Dash of Class:

Limo- Family Limo:

Photographer and Video – Studio 27:

Tuxedos- tuxedo world:

DIY Items – Hobby Lobby:




Veil Styles

Adding a veil or headpiece is a great finishing touch to the bridal look. There are so many gorgeous styles that whether you choose a bird cage, cathedral, tiara or fascinator, you can’t go wrong! We’re highlighting some of our favorite veils from our Celebrate Snug Harbor Brides!

The layers of this veil blend beautifully with the layers in the gown.

Photo: Studio A Images


Show off the delicate lace of your veil in the Allee of Snug Harbor!

Photo: Philip Siciliano


We love the lace trim on this veil and how it stands out in the Bamboo Garden of Snug Harbor. Perfect for a reveal!

Photo: Chris Palladino

1st look shot

A cathedral veil is just stunning in this Tuscan Garden ceremony.

Photo: Stephanie Parsley Photography

SPP TG Bridal Veil

Another cathedral veil favorite in our Bridal Suite.

Photo: Philip Siciliano

Philip Siciliano 4

This headpiece and detachable cape/veil combo is everything we hoped it would be. Breath-taking!

Photo: The Oluwaseye


One of our all time favorites, this beautiful pink and white headpiece!

Photo: 1314 Studio


Like we said, you really can’t go wrong with the finishing touches to your bridal look. Just make sure you have a gorgeous backdrop to flaunt it in!

Upcoming Snug Harbor Events

Revel in the lush beauty of Spring at Snug Harbor Cultural Center and Botanical Gardens by taking a class, strolling through the craft and farmers markets, or walking the impeccable landscapes and gardens. Filled with the possibility for family fun, these stunning grounds are also home to Celebrate Snug Harbor!

Balancing Yin & Yang: The Place of Chinese Philosophy in Garden Construction

What are the principles behind traditional Chinese garden design? Why do the ponds possess such a distinct jade hue? Do the bat-shaped door fittings hold secret meanings and messages? In this talk, we’ll explore how the classic Chinese worldview and ancient wisdom of yin and yang, The Book of Changes and the Dao De Jing, are embodied and brought to life within the garden walls.



Plant Sale: Snug Members Only

Make your garden the envy of the block by procuring hard-to-find annuals and hardy perennials at the Plant Sale. Snug Harbor horticulturalists will be available to help with plant selections, offer professional advice, and answer questions about the myriad of herbaceous peonies, iris species, cultivars and many other outdoor-suited flowering plants for sale. The NYC Compost Project will also be onsite to give away 15-pound bags of compost, while supplies last. All Plant Sale purchases will help fund Snug Harbor’s horticulture program and maintenance of the beautiful botanical garden. This event is rain or shine.



Orchid Show & Sale:

Each year Staten Island’s Orchid Society offers the Orchid Show & Sale, featuring a wide selection of in-flower orchids for sale, expert advice and takeaway fact sheets for ensuring robust orchid growth at home. This year’s Orchid Show and Sale also offers members of the S.I.O.S and Deep Cut Orchid Society the option to create beautiful displays with their own blooming orchids. Bring friends, family and anyone interested in learning more about these lovely flowers, everyone is welcome! Remember, Mother’s Day is just a week after the sale.


Jane’s Walk: Snug Harbor Heritage Farm Tour

Take a behind-the-scenes peek at Snug Harbor’s Heritage Farm, a better-than-organic 2.5 acre sustainable urban farm, now in its eighth growing season. This expedition, brought to us care of the Jane’s Walk series in partnership with the Municipal Art Society, will explore our seeding area, learn about crop planning and discover our methods for nourishing the soil to ensure the best produce possible. This event is rain or shine.


Spring Flowers Walk:

Visit Snug Harbor at its most beautiful! Take a walk through the Perennial, White, and Pond gardens, led by Snug Harbor’s Director of Horticulture, Greg Lord, and professional horticulturalist, Wambui Ippolito. Explorers will enjoy the flowering bulbs while learning about their origins and significance. This event is rain or shine.


Tuscan Garden Party

Attend to a Tuscan-style garden party, to take place in the Tuscan Garden and Lemon House at Snug Harbor, hosted by Christina Mantz of Christina’s Day Trips. A light Italian repast, complete with refreshing beverages, will be served amid a backdrop of fun, party favors and raffles. All proceeds will support Snug Harbor’s botanical gardens and horticulture department. This event is rain or shine.



For more fun at Snug Harbor, check out their monthly calendar!

Personalizing Your Wedding Reception

Creating custom and memorable details for your wedding reception does not have to be a daunting task. Sit down with your special someone and think about some of your favorite things. Check out some of Celebrate’s most creative couples and how they customized their wedding receptions with adorable and unforgettable details!

These adorable Russian Doll cake toppers matched the custom icon on the coffee bag favors!

Photographer: Olya Vysotskaya
Screen Shot 2019-04-16 at 10.53.42 AMScreen Shot 2019-04-16 at 10.53.51 AM

These handmade paper crane place cards were made from recycled maps of the groom’s pilot routes!

Photographer: Minnow Park

This creative couple had Jenga games and markers ready for their guests to write love advice on them so they can look at them as they play in the future. Adorable!

Photographer: Olli Studio
Screen Shot 2019-04-16 at 10.54.10 AM Screen Shot 2019-04-16 at 10.54.18 AM

This stunning couple, after having their ceremony in the theater of Snug Harbor, got very creative and did a play on Playbills!

Photographer: Paul V Photography

Screen Shot 2019-04-16 at 10.54.33 AMScreen Shot 2019-04-16 at 10.54.39 AM

Have any cake you want! Check out this yummy crispy treat cake and adorable animal cake toppers!

Photographer: Stephanie Parsley Photography

Screen Shot 2019-04-16 at 10.54.49 AM

You can do just about anything when celebrating your wedding with Celebrate at Snug Harbor. For more inspiration on personalizing your wedding reception, check out our Pinterest page!


Table Setting Decor

Guests often remember the little things from a wedding that were carefully selected and well planned. Wow your guests by having a stunning table setting. It’ll set the tone for your guests to mingle as they await the grand entrance of the happy couple! We’re highlighting some of our favorite table setting ideas from our very own couples who hosted their weddings at Celebrate!

Have Food Out

It’s always nice for your guests to arrive at a table with their salad out and ready for them. It also makes the table look full and lavish.

Photo: Eryc Perez de Tagle



Have a Color Contrast

Perfect for a spring wedding, incorporate navy with light spring colors on each table with elevated floating candles of various heights.

Photo: With Love & Embers

Emily & Sean

Choose Copper

A copper charger plate creates the perfect look for a rustic, romantic, and high end table setting.

Photo: Lina Jang Photography


Compliment the windows

The Great Hall of Snug Harbor offers 40-foot palladian windows, perfect for tall centerpieces.


At Celebrate Snug Harbor, you can plan for any table setting decor for the wedding of your dreams! For more wedding inspiration, check out our Pinterest page!

Couples Tribute: Emily + John

00295After living and falling in love in NYC, Emily and John knew they were destined to get married in Manhattan but wanted a wedding venue that was away from the hustle and bustle of the city.

00566From the moment Emily and John visited Celebrate, they fell in love with the botanical gardens and historic cultural center. Hosting their ceremony in The Chinese Scholar Garden, was the perfect way to honor John’s heritage.

00654Between the beautiful outdoor ceremony, the photo ops around Snug Harbor, and the abundance of natural greenery, Emily and John created an elegant atmosphere with an earthy twist.

00489Because the couple chose an autumn wedding date, their outdoor ceremony was accented with burgundy, whites and the greens of nature, which looked gorgeous against the Chinese Scholar Garden and Tented Pavilion.

00799The couple wanted a day that was as relaxed and fun as their relationship.  They hired Louis Avanti owner and founder of AMG Events and Visuals as their day of coordinator.  Louis helped them bring their whimsical, natural, and elegant vibes together into a beautifully designed wedding.

00785Emily and John’s reception in the tented pavilion was a magical night, accented with a little sparkle, gold accents, lanterns, and lush florals.

00768.jpgTheir guests enjoyed watching them share their first dance to “What You Don’t Do” by Lianne Le Havas.


Their reception continued into the night with a packed dance floor.  Friends created a fun video booth where their guests could record video messages to the bride and groom. Guests were gifted handmade origami rose favors, crafted by a dear friend. Guests were provided light sticks that could be used to write messages to add to their recording.

00765.jpgIf was evident that these two sure had a blast on their wedding night.  Every detail of Emily and John’s wedding was exceptionally and thoughtfully crafted by the couple and their planner.

46951280_1067087133465341_282053354186604544_oWe are so lucky to have wonderful couples like Emily and John to work with at Celebrate Snug Harbor. A huge thank you to Lina Jang, their photographer for sharing these gorgeous photos.

CSG circle


Cake: Palermo’s Bakery

DJ: Platinum Entertainment

Wedding Dress: Michelle Roth

Florist: Carrolls

Invitations/Save The Dates/signage/place/table markers: Sara Miller

Photographer: Lina Jang

Photo booth: TapSnap 1153 (

String Quartet: Yelena Khaimova,

Tux and Groomsmen attire: The Black Tux






Bridal Party Gowns

Choosing bridal party gowns can be a daunting task because you want every girl in your party to love their look. Martha Stewart Weddings is giving us some of our favorite suggestions for choosing gowns that can please all of your bridesmaids and make your wedding photos looks as stunning as you’d always hoped!

Beaded Beauties

Go for different dresses with one commonality: lovely beads and sparkles!

1 different colors

Different Lengths

Consider going for the same color scheme, but dresses of different lengths.

2 varied lengths

Lovely Lace

If your gown does not have lace, have your bridesmaids rock this beautiful material to mix up the texture in your bridal party look!

3 lace


Who says your party needs to wear dresses? Jumpsuits can look elegant and stylish!

4 jumpsuit

Same Color, Different Styles

Allow your bridal party to be in the same dye color, but different gown styles. Each bridesmaid can wear the style that best compliments their body type.

5 same color different styles

At Celebrate at Snug Harbor, you have over 80 acres of lush gardens to choose from, so you’re able to make just about any dress styles, patterns, and looks work for you for your big day! For more inspiration, check out our Pinterest page!

Winter Wedding Accessories

Winter weddings are a great opportunity to show off fun and festive ways to stay warm. We’re using inspiration from One Fab Day to highlight some of our favorite ways to cover up for a winter wedding.


Use a linen or cloth blazer to elevate your bridal look.



Get matching shawls for your bridal party to keep your best friends warm!


Retro Shawls:

Consider multiple styles of crochet shawls to add beautiful details to your bridal party look.



Who doesn’t love a cape? It’s always a gorgeous option for any gown.


Formal Coat:

Consider a formal coat, such as a military style coat that has shoulder lapel details for an elegant twist.


Winter weddings offer limitless options for style and detailing. It’s important that you look and feel fabulous throughout the night. For more inspiration on ways to enhance your winter wedding look, check out our Pinterest page!

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