Couples Tribute – Grace + Lee

As soon as Grace and Lee finished their tour of the Celebrate Snug Harbor grounds, they knew they had found the best location for their wedding. The ethereal Tuscan Garden was the ideal place to hold the marriage ceremony, followed by a reception of their loved ones under the elegant architecture of the Upper Great Hall.SkuYgDcQ_jpegepCWUgeg_jpeg

FY0L-zQg_jpegSnug Harbor held an extra significance for Lee, whose mother was a teacher at the Snug Harbor pre-school where Lee attended. He would later recall also spending countless hours at The Snug Harbor Children’s Museum, where his mother was a volunteer.UqG_AXSA_jpeg


gC2Tm3PQ_jpegT_yBb3Ug_jpegsataNI6g_jpegThe gorgeous garden service was officiated by one of Lee’s best friends and groomsman. _44YDnMg_jpeg

bJBQhZsQ_jpegThe couple’s dog, Enzo, was also able to be present to witness his best friends say, “I Do”.FphhnB1Q_jpegThe nuptials were followed by an equally whimsical, well-appointed outdoor cocktail hour for guests, allowing Grace and Lee to sneak off with their photographer, Adena from Studio A Images.

Their first moments as husband and wife were spent staring lovingly at once another amidst the romantic, secret-garden scenery of the Snug Harbor grounds.




leq56T9A_jpegOnce the photo session had ended, it was time to celebrate this momentous day with family and friends. Everyone gathered in the Upper Great Hall, surrounded by arrangements bursting with lush blooms in a soft palette of dusty rose, creamy whites and emerald green.JL5tkn7Q_jpegNumerous display tables dotted the room, embracing partygoers with colorful photographic memories of their times with Grace and Lee. Guests were encouraged to take the photos home, along with a deliciously scented candle, lovingly home made by Grace’s sister for the occasion.gw5e3ttA_jpeg


The festivities continued well into the night, fueled by scrumptious treats including an abundant ice cream sundae bar and Denino’s Pizza, which was served at the stroke of midnight.WhzwgpEw_jpegFamily and friends grooved to the beat of Grace and Lee’s DJ, who happened to be the very first friend Lee had made in Amsterdam over 15 years prior. At the center of the revelry was Grace and Lee, having the time of their lives at this epic dance party held in their honor.1g3oYMiQ_jpegA special thank you to Studio A Images for so expertly capturing this day. We are so lucky to have such delightful couples as Grace and Lee to work with at Celebrate Snug Harbor!


Bride’s dress: Jenny Woon for BHLDN

Groom’s suit: J. Crew

Band: Silver Arrow

DJ: FerdiFonk

Cake: Palermo’s Bakery

Ceremony (and pre-ceremony) music: Iconiq Strings

Flowers –  The florist is a friend of Lee’s from high school.

Photographer (studio A images)

Sound and lighting:







Couples Tribute – Kailin + Dan

KD-199When Kailin and Dan began planning their garden wedding at Celebrate Snug Harbor, they knew two things with absolute certainty: Celebrate Snug Harbor was a romantic destination outside of Manhattan where all of Kailin’s childhood wedding dreams would come to life, and because Snug Harbor was a picture-perfect venue for their blend of West and East cultures.KD-8Both Kailin and Dan left China at a young age to come to the United States, where eventually they settled down and called NYC home. Kailin and Dan describe themselves as the perfect blend of the West and the East cultures. From very young age Kailin always dreamed about having a garden wedding. In the end, only Celebrate Snug Harbor would fulfill this childhood dream of hers.KD-57

The Chinese Scholar’s Garden, Ji Xing Yuan, couldn’t represent their east identity enough, and was essentially the main reason why they decided to host their wedding there. Growing up Kailin was a great fan of Chinese Scholar’s Gardens, but she never actually thought that she could have her own wedding in one. In fact, it’s also not easy to achieve even in China.

KD-172Kaitlin was a Chinese pre-modern art history student, who spent countless hours of her life researching Ming Qing dynasty culture and art.  She said having a wedding in such a garden is like heaven!  The Chinese Scholar Garden at Snug Harbor mimics the 17th century Ming dynasty garden style, especially after the famous Liu Garden, with everything made in Suzhou and assembled in NYC.KD-185The couple had their intimate wedding ceremony take place in Snug Harbor’s White Garden.

To them this was the picture-perfect spot for their nuptials and really felt like the “west” part of their west-east identity glistened through. The White Garden is filled with white flowers, just like a white wedding dress symbolizing for purity of love. Although the blossom season had passed in June, its charm did not fade away. It was a perfect backdrop to commence their marriage.KD-330

Kailin, Dan and their mothers took part in a Unity Tree ceremony which symbolizes the roots of their relationship, and the continued growth of their love, as they became one family on their wedding day.

KD-302KD-378The ceremony program fan was personalized with a Chinese online vendor and was meant to be used for covering excessive sunlight, or as a fan for hot weather. The green and gold style was carefully chosen to be consistent with wedding’s summer garden theme. KD-296 The most magical moment of the wedding was as soon as the couple kissed, the sun suddenly appeared out of the clouds and shone down upon them.  A truly special moment for the happy couple.KD-385KD-389A note from our Bride regarding their ceremony. –

“Our ceremony was a very personal one. We could not thank our host Nancy and our reader Barbara enough. It was our biggest honor to have them with us in such an important moment. Without Nancy, Dan and I would not eventually meet again in NYC, and today’s love story would not have existed. Therefore, Nancy was the perfect host to help us tie the knot. She spent great effort for us, buying books to study and helping us to design the ceremony process. She also handmade an impressive and artistic notebook for the ceremony. Because we were so close, the ceremony was so moving and filled with many happy tears from beginning to the end for all of us. Barbara is also one of the most important people in my life. This amazing Reverend was my high school humanities teacher. It was this wise teacher who brought me courage to move on, and I have always considered her as my enlightenment teacher. Just like all her teachings, her memorable reading to many guests and us was the best we had ever heard for a wedding.”KD-261KD-272KD-281After the ceremony, friends and family moved into the Chinese Scholar Garden for cocktail hour.  Kailin and Dan fell in love with the delicacy and elegance of the garden. They felt it was an impeccable environment to provide a memorable time for their guests to stroll in the garden with delicious food, wine, and beautiful Classical Chinese music performed by Ms. Yeh.KD-403KD-405


When time came for the reception festivities to begin, guests seamlessly moved the cocktail hour celebration into the Tented Pavilion, which had been impeccably transformed. KD-458The loveliest floral arrangements of roses and peonies in a soft palette of blush, whites and greens, which looked gorgeous against all the greenery within the grounds.KD-476

KD-464The presence of peonies was used for the bride because it is an auspicious flower-king of flower for China and is always present in Chinese weddings.

Kailin and Dan decided to surprise their guests with a two-song combination for their first dance.  They went with a slow-fast two-song combination. It started with the romantic string music Adagio by Secret Garden then followed with Ed Sheeran’s Shape of You. KD-500Guests and family members were in awe as Dan spun Kailin around the dance floor and dipped her with glee. KD-515Their reception continued all night with a packed dance floor and a special surprise for their guests! Kailin and Dan had an LED dancing robot. KD-627KD-636KD-595No one brings the excitement and energy to a party like these robots do!KD-654A very touching moment during the night was when videos were played for the bride and groom.  These videos were recorded by friends and family members who live in China and could not attend the wedding.  The bride and groom were very moved by all their love and wedding wishes expressed in these videos.KD-541At the end of the reception guests were also treated to handmade customized chopsticks as favors.  Kailin and Dan choose the chopsticks since they come in pairs, symbolizing for the happy relationship of a couple, and conveying their best wishes to their guests. Millettia Laurentii was chosen as the wood material, not only because of its beautiful wooden patterns, but also its symbolism of longing between lovers. The words engraved on the chopsticks are from a famous Chinese poem. Both are Chinese legendary creatures and plants that symbolize for everlasting and indestructible love.KD-227It was very evident that these two sure had a blast and lots of love was present on their wedding night.  Every detail of Kailin and Dan’s wedding was exceptionally and thoughtfully crafted by the couple.KD-580We are so lucky to have wonderful couples like Kailin and Dan to work with at Celebrate Snug Harbor. A huge thanks to 1314 Studio their photographer for sharing these gorgeous photos with us.KD-577


Florist: Hexacres

Photos and Video: 1314 Studio

Makeup artist: Belinda Ni

Musicians: thepro110

Guqin: Judy Yeh

Reception DJ: Sound Explosion



Couples Tribute: Katie + Phil

t30_12169073Katie and Phil’s love story began set against the iconic landscape of NYC. When the time came to commit to their forever, they found it only fitting to hold this special day in a corner of their beloved island, tucked away from the hustle and bustle but still central enough that guests could partake of the city’s treasures.

large_39957378f_G-1256BW7_3961When the couple first visited Celebrate Snug Harbor, they knew they had found their perfect place. They were instantly enamored with the endless grounds, finding the White Garden an ethereal setting to host their outdoor ceremony and bridal portraits, and the newly renovated Tented Pavilion an elegant reception location to slow down and savor the precious moments of their lives becoming one.

large_869d45f11_G-1704BW8_8800When the day of their picturesque June ceremony arrived, milky white rose petals lined the aisle leading to an exquisitely fashioned chuppah, a creation of the NY Flower Project.  Standing beneath was one of Phil’s closest friends and groomsmen, who would also serve as officiant, making it a truly personal affair.




After the ceremony, the newlyweds cherished their first moments as husband and wife while wandering the gardens of Snug Harbor, stopping only to allow Funico Studios, a preferred photography vendor, to capture their portraits amongst the lush florals and greenery. Friends and family spent this time experiencing the charms of the Chinese Scholar Garden, enjoying music, specially crafted cocktails and delicious bites.

large_265ea1d84_G-1189BW7_3921When time came for the reception festivities to begin, guests seamlessly moved the cocktail hour celebration into the Tented Pavilion, which had been superbly transformed with the ideal balance of rustic and boho chic elements. The banquet-style tables displayed verdant centerpieces replete with blossoms, flora and warmly flickering candles, their glow casting an inviting and truly intimate mood throughout the scene.

Wedding guests were treated to an extra special surprise, a choreographed first dance that began slowly with Katie and Phil’s DJ playing, “Say You Won’t Let Go” by James Arthur, before bursting happily into a much faster tune by Macklemore.


The contagious pleasure shared by this newly joined pair was relished by all, both during the dance and after as guests discovered their competitive sides while playing corn hole, ring toss and flip cup. To the delight of the crowd, Katie had flown in a beer from her college town of Chico, California for the merriment, igniting memories all around.

large_f3470e181_G-1786BW8_8899The party was in full swing when Phil was finally ready to reveal the moment he had been secretly planning since first asking Katie for her hand. He cued the DJ to stop as his piano suddenly overtook the dance floor, a single chair placed next to it for Katie. Friends and family looked on with love as Phil serenaded his new bride with her favorite Coldplay melody. Katie later recalled this precious event as her favorite memory of the evening.


large_31d9254fd_G-2047BW8_9161Soon after the cake was cut and the final few dances shared, the time had come for the lovebirds to depart.

large_b416c624c_G-1998BW8_9112.jpgAmid brightly shining sparklers held by guests, Katie and Phil took their first steps into their happily ever after.large_f1f09411f_G-2204BW8_9328

large_2d05fff22_G-2153BW8_9277.jpgWhen asked what advice they would like to share with other couples planning their big day, Katie and Phil stated: “Try not to get too stressed about wedding planning and be flexible if something doesn’t go your way. Everyone says this, but it’s absolutely true, make sure you really soak in every minute of the wedding day because it goes by so fast.”large_5242c8b46_G-2167BW8_9291.jpgWe are so lucky to have charming couples like Katie and Phil to work with at Celebrate Snug Harbor. A huge thanks to Funico Photography for sharing these gorgeous, fun photos with us!


Photo/Video- Funico Studios

DJ- Empire Sound

Florist- NY Flower Project

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