Reception Cocktails

One of the best ways to keep your guests entertained throughout your wedding reception is to have a fun cocktail menu they can choose from. WeddingWire offers some great suggestions to help make your open bar one to remember.

Garnishes, Garnishes!

Garnishes add both decoration and/or flavor to a cocktail. Talk to your caterer about adding a fun citrus twist, decorative umbrellas, or custom stirrers to both alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks!


Skip the sugary drinks and go healthy.

People are looking for healthier cocktails more than ever before. Ask your bartender to create a cocktail using a popular seltzer or an all natural mixer. Then, consider adding a fresh fruit or herb to the drink for a natural flavor.


It’s always a nice touch to have a fun mocktail for your guests who are driving or not able to have an alcoholic drink. Consider a fun sparkling lemonade with a seasonal garnish so that the drink doesn’t feel boring or too simple.


Classics are a must:

Never underestimate the power of a good, old fashioned cocktail. Promote the classic drinks people haven’t had in ages, such as a French 75, a Manhattan, or a Gimlet.


To get more ideas about what kind of cocktails to serve at your cocktail hour or reception, visit our Pinterest page!


Wedding Reception Cocktails

Creating the perfect signature cocktail should be fun and delicious.  Brit + Co offers some inspiring ideas to help make your reception fun and inviting for your guests.

Champagne and Fruit:

Champagne and fruit

It is traditional and classic to serve champagne at weddings. You can add a nice twist by adding a seasonal fruit to the top of your drink to add a bit of flavor and an adorable look to the glass!

Margaritas with a Twist:

margarita with festive straw

Everyone loves a good margarita. Have fun serving yours with a festive straw to reflect your wedding color scheme or the season of your wedding.

The Blushing Kiss:


A Blushing Kiss is a grapefruit and gin martini. The beautiful blush tone makes the drink look inviting and fun for guests to try.

His & Hers/ Hers & Hers/ His & His Drinks:


The two of you may be married, but you can still express your individuality at your wedding reception by labeling each of your favorite drinks at a separate table or at the center of your table.

To get more ideas about what kind of cocktails to serve at your cocktail hour or reception, visit our Pinterest page!

Welcome Drinks and Couples Cocktails

Set the tone of the day with a custom designed wedding cocktail inspired by the Bride and Groom.  It could be a sentimental choice, like what you were drinking when you first met to a drink that you both love.  Work with your caterer to design a concoction that’s uniquely yours for the day bringing together your personal tastes and personalities.  

A twist on a classic cocktail is also a fun way to bring something old and something new together.  The Champagne Cocktail, Bellini Manhattan, Mojito or Margarita are great places to start when designing your signature cocktail.

If your wedding menu is geared in a specific ethnic direction, enhancing the theme with a specialty cocktail is a great way to create excitement. Each season also represents unique opportunities to toast.  Hot Cinders and Hot chocolate drinks are a warm way to welcome guests in the winter months.  Fresh juice infusions and spiked milkshakes make for fun refreshing options in the Spring and Summer.

From the top, then left to right: Mojito, Bellini Manhattan, Margarita, and a Champagne Cocktail

Food and Drink Pairing:

Beyond the specialty cocktail, work with your caterer to design a beverage package that compliments the menu.  If you’re serving chicken, pairing it with a riesling sangria or white wine cocktail is best.  If you’re serving  steak or red meat, pair it with a dark spirit, such as a Scotch based cocktail or a customized Old Fashioned. If your menu is mostly fish or a vegetarian dish, couple the plate with something exotic, such as a fruit-infused caipirinha or Prosecco limoncello.

Relish Caterers’ Very Own Chicken Roulade with a Fresh Vegetable Medley Accompanied by a Riesling Sangria

What’s in a name?

Once you decide on the drink recipe, taste, preparation and garnish, the final (and most fun) next step is giving it a name that is truly your own.  Some easy ways to start your creative engine moving would be to focus on the primary ingredient and then adding your names.  Combo the drink name with your names, if you’re pet lovers, work your pet’s name into the drink name.  Mentioning the season or making reference to an inside couples joke in the name are also great ways to start a conversation among guests.   

Blushing Bride Cocktail: Vodka, Cranberry, & Orange Juice.

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