Sensational Desserts

Wedding desserts are always a favorite for guests. While the wedding cake is very important, so are the other desserts that accompany it. In fact, some brides and grooms opt out of the cake entirely to solely focus on some fabulous sweet treats. The key to getting it right is to incorporate a combination of desserts that have different flavors and textures to either support the wedding cake or take it’s place at the dessert table. Try to have some sort of cake or tart, a fruity dessert, and most importantly, chocolate!

Cakes and Tarts:

Who doesn’t love cake? When it’s your wedding day, you’ll want a piece of cake to share with your new husband. There are no limits when it comes to cake, either. In the featured collage, Relish Caterers created a delicious almond cake with powdered sugar sprinkled on top, and some peach slices on the side. Next to this cake, Relish Caterers whipped up a cheesecake blueberry compote, and a rhubarb tart loaded with flavor. When it comes to cakes, you want the flavors to vary so that each one stands out.

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Photo and Desserts from: Relish Caterers

Fruit and more fruit:

Isolated fruit is often overlooked when placed on a loaded dessert table. For this reason, you’ll want consult with your caterer about fruit flavors that are popular and won’t go to waste. Relish Caterers created an enticing berry pudding with whole fruits garnished on top. A fan favorite is also the chocolate covered strawberry. In the featured photo, Relish Caterers take this classic dessert up one more notch by adding some edible gold leafing to the chocolate coating. How rich!

Fruit Desserts Blog
Photo and Desserts from: Relish Caterers


Is it really a dessert table without something chocolate? Relish Caterers takes an intriguing spin on the classic chocolate desserts by combining classic with creative. The featured photos include stacked chocolate chip cookies held together by toasted marshmallows, a chocolate mousse with candied nuts and a toasted marshmallow dollop, a chocolate cupcake with espresso frosting, as well as a blondie crust piece with a fruit jelly garnish on top. The best part about chocolate is that you can almost always incorporate it into a dessert.

Chocolate Desserts Blog
Photo and Desserts from: Relish Caterers

You’ll want to consult with your caterer on ways to incorporate your sweet-tooth preferences into your wedding desserts. Investing in a caterer will be the most important decision you make if you want your desserts to be sensational!

The Evolution of the Cocktail Hour

Over the past few years, the cocktail hour has moved from the opening act to center stage.  With more and more couples extending their cocktail hour to be 1.5 hours or to hosting “cocktail hour” style receptions, couples are opting to focus extra attention on creating unique culinary experiences for guests to enjoy while mingling before the reception.  

A mix of passed and stationary hors d’oeuvres, as well as action stations, have all become part of the modern cocktail hour.  The cocktail hour is a great way to offer a wide variety of tastes and flavors, ensuring everyone will find something they enjoy or may try something new for the first time without having to commit to selecting it for a dinner choice.

An added benefit to the extended cocktail hour is the ability to skip the formality of a 3 course seated dinner and get everyone up and dancing that much sooner.  After 1.5 hours of indulging, your guests are full and ready keep the night moving with toasts and festivities.  Many couples are opting for a 2 course plated meal or one course with a late night dessert offering.


Truffle Mac and Cheese


Lobster Dog


Tuna with Olives

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Welcome Drinks and Couples Cocktails

Set the tone of the day with a custom designed wedding cocktail inspired by the Bride and Groom.  It could be a sentimental choice, like what you were drinking when you first met to a drink that you both love.  Work with your caterer to design a concoction that’s uniquely yours for the day bringing together your personal tastes and personalities.  

A twist on a classic cocktail is also a fun way to bring something old and something new together.  The Champagne Cocktail, Bellini Manhattan, Mojito or Margarita are great places to start when designing your signature cocktail.

If your wedding menu is geared in a specific ethnic direction, enhancing the theme with a specialty cocktail is a great way to create excitement. Each season also represents unique opportunities to toast.  Hot Cinders and Hot chocolate drinks are a warm way to welcome guests in the winter months.  Fresh juice infusions and spiked milkshakes make for fun refreshing options in the Spring and Summer.

From the top, then left to right: Mojito, Bellini Manhattan, Margarita, and a Champagne Cocktail

Food and Drink Pairing:

Beyond the specialty cocktail, work with your caterer to design a beverage package that compliments the menu.  If you’re serving chicken, pairing it with a riesling sangria or white wine cocktail is best.  If you’re serving  steak or red meat, pair it with a dark spirit, such as a Scotch based cocktail or a customized Old Fashioned. If your menu is mostly fish or a vegetarian dish, couple the plate with something exotic, such as a fruit-infused caipirinha or Prosecco limoncello.

Relish Caterers’ Very Own Chicken Roulade with a Fresh Vegetable Medley Accompanied by a Riesling Sangria

What’s in a name?

Once you decide on the drink recipe, taste, preparation and garnish, the final (and most fun) next step is giving it a name that is truly your own.  Some easy ways to start your creative engine moving would be to focus on the primary ingredient and then adding your names.  Combo the drink name with your names, if you’re pet lovers, work your pet’s name into the drink name.  Mentioning the season or making reference to an inside couples joke in the name are also great ways to start a conversation among guests.   

Blushing Bride Cocktail: Vodka, Cranberry, & Orange Juice.

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